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  • The Importance of a Seasonal Flu Shot

    nurse and patient Doctors Express Pikesville

    Influenza is a serious respiratory disease that if left untreated can lead to hospitalization and even death. During the flu season, the virus is circulating rapidly in the United States resulting in millions of people contracting the virus. It is recommended that you receive a flu vaccination as soon as it is available in late September […]

  • Watch Out for the Zika Virus Next School Vacation

    doctors express physician_PCP

    Between Winter Storm Jonas and this weekend’s frigid temperatures, most people have grown weary of winter by now. This yearning for warmer temperatures has prompted many people to begin plotting their winter escapes to tropical vacation destinations.  Considering Maryland’s public schools have their Spring break in March, many families are in the process of making their travel arrangements for then. However, there may […]

  • The Biggest Health Issues Facing Americans

    physician with child patient

    The United States is one of the most diverse nations in the world. As different as we may seem, our health issues can be very similar. Health care trends tend to be pretty consistent across large swaths of the population, so it’s important to pay attention when one becomes widespread. Your local AFC/Doctors Express can […]

  • What We Treat: Dehydration

    Family & Physician at Doctors Express Pikesville

    The frigid winter weather presents a number of different perils for us to surmount each year – one of which is dehydration. In addition to being cold, the winter air is also unrelentingly dry, which makes it easy for us to develop dehydration. One of the biggest issues this presents is that it’s difficult for us to recognize when we’re dehydrated […]

  • Flu Season Facts, Part 2

    Physician assisting older patient

    Here is the second part of our series on flu season! We hope you took our advice from last week and got your flu shot! We’re going to get a bit more into the nitty-gritty about how the flu spreads and what makes the flu vaccine work. So hang on, we’re diving right in!   […]

  • Winter Survival Guide: Dehydration, Slipping & Hypothermia

    physician and patient

    Winter Storm Jonas has finally stopped terrorizing the mid-Atlantic states, but only after claiming the lives of 46 people. These deaths can be primarily attributed to injuries resulting from car accidents, people slipping on ice and roofs collapsing. When the storm arrived on January 22nd, it quickly became evident that the storm would be of a historical proportion. While […]

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